Айкидо Морихиро Сайто 8й дан/Morihiro Saito 8th dan - by Bruce Klickstein

By Bruce Klickstein

Книга Айкидо Морихиро Сайто eightй дан/Morihiro Saito eighth dan - conventional Aikido... Айкидо Морихиро Сайто eightй дан/Morihiro Saito eighth dan - conventional Aikido vol.1-5Книги Боевое искусство Автор: Морихиро Сайто (Morihiro Saito) Год издания: 1973 Формат: pdf Страниц: 787 Размер: 301 мб Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Книги от известного мастера Айкидо Морихиро Сайто, основателя направления "Ивама-рю"язык: японский/английский и очень много илюстрацийВ пятитомник вошли следующие тома:Vol.1 easy techniquesVol.2 complex techniquesVol.3 utilized techniquesVol.4 very important techniquesVol.5 education works wonders

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See that your heels will not raise above the floor and will not step on the floor with too much force . Quite a few of beginners stand with splay-foot ,which is an easy mistake to make. Standing in such a way will make the centre of your gravity fall on the Yin sides of the feet and on the two big toes. Thus the pressure on the foot is uneven and the standing is not firm . If you turn your toes inward, then the force of vital energy will fall on the Yang sides of the feet so that you can stand steadily and the vital energy will descend naturally through the three channels of stomach, liver and spleen.

It is said there are some other breathing exercises which require "three-point-on-the-same-straight-line " , such as "Dantian Breathing Exercise" in Zhejiang province (which adopts reverse respiration). "Huatup Breathing Exercise" in Guangzhou (which advocates "five-point-on-the-same­ straight-line . Namely, Tianxin (Baihui) - Qixin (Shenzhong) - Y uanxin (Umbilicus) - Huixin (Perineum ) - Zhuxin (Yongquan) . In fact, the "three points" include the "five 30 points". Quite a few exercisers feel that it is easier to generate the inner vital energy by adopting the standing posture t han adopting the sitting or lying postures.

After the two streams of air in Ren and Du Channels meet at the lips and descend to Shangzhong , joining with other channels , then they will 39 change Zhong Qi (the Qi stored in the thorax) into the Congenital Primordial Qi, the descendance of which to Dantian and Qi Hai (the sea of air) is called "Huan Dan" (returning to Dantian) by the Daoists. The repeated movements of the air ( Qi or vital energy) between Shangzhong and Dantian can clear Ren Channel. That is the first phase of practising breathing exercise called "cultivating the essence of life and change it into vital energy".

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