Art of Programming Contest by Ahmed Shamsul Arefin

By Ahmed Shamsul Arefin

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If( x & SET INTERRUPT ENABLED 04 01 02 /* interrupt bit */ (SET | INTERRUPT | ENABLED) ) ... Now we have meaningful words instead of mysterious constants. ) It's an excellent practice to write programs without any literal constants except in #define statements. There are several warnings about #define. First, there's no semicolon at the end of a #define; all the text from the name to the end of the line (except for comments) is taken to be the ``something''. When it's put into the text, blanks are placed around it.

Ptr is a pointer to the (base of) a structure that contains the structure member. The expression ptr->structure-member refers to the indicated member of the pointed-to structure. Thus we have constructions like: psym->type = 1; psym->id[0] = 'a'; For more complicated pointer expressions, it's wise to use parentheses to make it clear who goes with what. For example, struct { int x, *y; } *p; p->x++ increments x ++p->x so does this! (++p)->x increments p before getting x *p->y++ uses y as a pointer, then increments it *(p->y)++ so does this *(p++)->y uses y as a pointer, then increments p The way to remember these is that ->, .

The canonical example sets x to the minimum of a and b: if (a < b) x = a; else x = b; C provides an alternate form of conditional which is often more concise. It is called the ``conditional expression'' because it is a conditional which actually has a value and can be used anywhere an expression can. The value of a

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