Armor of the Afghanistan War (Firepower Pictorials Special) by Steven J. Zaloga, Wojciech Luczak, Barry Beldam

By Steven J. Zaloga, Wojciech Luczak, Barry Beldam

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3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. September: Cromwell advances from Dublin to Drogheda, and return marches on 17 September. The Parliamentarian heavy artillery moves from Dublin to Drogheda by sea. Batteries are quickly established and the walls breached on 10 September. Drogheda is stormed on 11 September. Colonel Robert Venables is ordered to march north with two regiments of foot (Venables, Fenwick) and one of horse (Chidley Coote) and pacify Eastern Ulster. Sir Charles Coote marches from Derry to assist Venables in Eastern Ulster.

5 9 September: the Parliamentarian bombardment of Drogheda begins. 9 Axtell surrounds Sir Arthur Aston’s command post on Mill Mount and summons the Royalist commander to surrender. Aston surrenders but he and his men are killed after first being disarmed by Axtell’s troops. Indiscriminate killing of garrison troops by Parliamentarian forces now begins. Numbers of civilians are caught up in the bloodshed. 6 11 September: the walls of Drogheda are breached in two places by the Parliamentarian siege artillery.

A capable officer, this former cobbler and zealous lay preacher, was representative of the more extreme religious elements within the ranks of the New Model Army. (Courtesy of the National Gallery of Ireland. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland) 39 PARLIAMENTARIAN FORCES 1 2 3 4 Col. James Castle’s regiment of foot Col. Isaac Ewer’s regiment of foot Southern battery Col. John Hewson’s regiment of foot (Lt. Col. Daniel Axtell) 5 Col. Robert Venables’s regiment of foot 6 Col. Robert Phayre’s regiment of foot 7 Eastern battery 8 Lt.

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