Answer Key To Alif Baa: Introduction To Arabic Letters and by Kristen Brustad

By Kristen Brustad

This solution secret is for use with "Alif Baa with DVDs: advent to Letters and Sounds, moment Edition".

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37) If a grammatical process/derivation is conditioned/constrained by branching/ heaviness, it is not syntactic. Moreover, there are two kinds of examples which show that the notion "branching" here is indeed phonological. First, even though it is branching in a strict sense, examples like (69) generally do not undergo Heavy NP Shift. I introduced to Bill [DP[DPmy][NPfiancée]]. Heaviness in Interfaces 29 This is perhaps due to the fact that function words such as pronouns are phonologically weak and they do not constitute a prosodie category of their own.

Unary Phrase * A b. Binary Phrase * * [A * B] With something binary and with a rhythmic head at the end, we can easily adjust the rhythm of the whole utterance. Thanks go to an anonymous reviewer for this point. We need an account of truly focal "light" NP Shift. (ii) She bequeathed to the library her PAPERS and to the radio station her CD's. (Elisabeth Selkirk (personal communication)) In such a case, we assume that a focus forces prosodie bracketing. (ill) * * [PAPERS] Thus, heaviness here corresponds to some prosodie hierarchy which is either forced by binarity or focus.

This transformation has been called Complex NP Shift or Heavy NP Shift (Ross 1986, Fiengo 1974). 1. Why is Heavy NP Shift a problem? In a syntactic theory based on principles and parameters, Heavy NP Shift is one of the rightward movements such that the constituent of a sentence moves rightward by Move a. In the minimalist program (Chomsky 1995, Kayne 1994), however, this rightward characteristic makes Heavy NP Shift notorious for syntactic theory. Let us show why. Heaviness in Interfaces 25 The word-order determination in the minimalist program is the cause of the trouble.

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