Ansaldo SVA Fighters at War by Gregory Alegi

By Gregory Alegi

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Seven years and one month. Catherine had forgotten nothing. It was unnerving, and at the same time exciting, to realise how she had managed to follow his career, and his life; two separate things as she had put it. ” Bolitho tilted his hat and stared towards the bomb-vessel. His Britannic Majesty’s Ship Thor. Small when compared with a frigate or line-of-battle ship, but at the same time heavy-looking and powerful. Designed for bombarding shore installations and the like. Thor’s main armament consisted of two massive thirteen-inch mortars.

4 S torm warning BOLITHO stood in the centre of the deserted boatshed and allowed his eyes to grow accustomed to its shapes and shadows. It was a great, ramshackle building, lit by just a few guttering lanterns which swayed on long chains to reduce the risk of fire, and which gave the impression that the place was moving like a ship. It was evening outside, but unlike the previous ones the darkness was alive with sounds, the creak and slap of palm fronds, the uneasy ripple of wavelets beneath the crude slipway upon which the water-lighter had been prepared for its passage south.

In this ship, without support, I’m not certain—” Bolitho lowered his face and said, “Have you no stomach for it, man? ” He hated himself, knowing that Haven could not hit back. He added simply, “I need you, and so does this ship. ” He turned away, despairing at what he saw in Haven’s eyes. ” Bolitho winced as a shaft of sunlight lanced down through the mizzen shrouds. For just those few seconds his eye was completely blind, and it was all he could do not to cry out. A death-wish, Somervell had said.

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