An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic - Key to by Wheeler M. Thackston

By Wheeler M. Thackston

This e-book is the reply key to Wheeler M. Thackston's An creation to Koranic and Classical Arabic. The translate-from-Arabic-to-English workouts look with a romanization and a pattern translation, the from-English-to-Arabic workouts seem with pattern translations in Arabic script. there's regrettably no statement on why specific buildings or vocabulary now not but taught are utilized in the solutions.

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Or -i. In the absolute form it adds a suf­ aam-j All the roots in this class are objects which are Most of 107-j 'my skirt' 'fruit' n-lo7-ya -i are articles of clothing. General food terms fall into both categories. ::i while in the possessed form it drops the normally. or expected to be, possessed by humans. 'my fruit' Exceptions to the semantic categories: Not all body parts, relatives, foods, and clothing are in the class, and the semantic distinction between the two suffixes is not perfect.

Table 2 continued Logically Possible: Actual Forms: Gloss: 2st 3s rna tz'-ok q-tzeeq'an-a 'we hit you/him/her/it' Ip excl -+ Ip excl -+ Ip excl -+ Ip excl -+ 2p ( 3p ma ch-ok q-tzeeq'an-a 'we hit you-all/them' Ip incl -+ 3s ma tz'-ok q-tzeeq'an 'we-all hit him/her/it' Ip incl -+ 3p ma ch-ok q-tzeeq'an 'we-all hit them' 2p -+ Is ma chin ok ky-tzeeq'an-a 'you-all hit me' 2p -+ 3s ma tz'-ok ky-tzeeq'an-a 'you-all hit him/her/it' 2p -+ Ip excl ma qo ok ky-tzeeq'an-a 'you-all hit us' 2p -+ 3p ma ch-ok ky-tzeeq'an-a 'you-all hit them' 3p -+ Is 3p -+ 2s * * 3p -+ 3s ma tz'-ok ky-tzeeq'an 3p -+ Ip excl * 3p -+ Ip incl ma qo ok ky-tzeeq'an 3p -+ 2p 3p -+ 3p * * :;;: C C .

3p are not distinct and are therefore ambiguous because there is no way to differentiate the patient when the agent requires 1utive prefixes, cross-reference their agents with ergative an enclitic, unless the third person is indicated in a noun markers, and use the transitive forms of the suffixes of 2 mOde • The agent can be omitted entirely to express an phrase. Furthermore, the combinations: Table 2. Logically Possible: Is -+ 2s ( Is -+ 3s Is -+ Is -+ P 2 3p ! C 'I hit you/him/her/it' tJ > :2 rna ch-ok n-tzeeq'an-a 2s -+ Is 2s -+ 3s 2s -+ Ip excl 2s -+ 3p ma qo ok t-tzeeq'an-a ma ch-ok t-tzeeq'an-a 3s -+ Is ?

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