An introduction to biblical Hebrew syntax by Bruce K Waltke; Michael Patrick O'Connor

By Bruce K Waltke; Michael Patrick O'Connor

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D'a'l. in Gen 2:20). chm::/bwbhs01.... 28/07/2005 Language and Text Page 16 of 24 g The validity of the MT. The Masoretic tradition, including the vowel points, represents the overall grammatical systems current during the period when biblical literature was being created. " Thereupon Joab drew his sword remembrance [ and threatened to kill him. ," asked the teacher. ’"75 This anecdote suggests that teachers in Israel were expected to pass on faithfully the received vocalization. Page 27 i A complex body of evidence indicates that the MT could not, in any serious or systematic way, represent a reconstruction or faking of the data.

S. Childs, Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1979); N. K. Gottwald, The Hebrew Bible— A Socio-Literary Introduction (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1985). 31. Polzin, Late Biblical Hebrew; A. Hurvitz, "The Chronological Significance of Aramaisms in Biblical Hebrew," Israel Exploration Journal 18 (1968) 234–40; cf. Rabin, "Hebrew," 316. 32. G. Gerleman, Synoptic Studies in the Old Testament (Lunds Universitets Årsskrift 1144; Lund: Gleerup, 1948). Kenneth A. Kitchen has shown that modernizing can also be demonstrated in extrabiblical ancient Near Eastern sources.

Babylonian Talmud, Baba Bathra 21a-b; cf. Barr, Comparative Philology, 213–14. 76. Quoted in Sparks, "Jerome," 510. 77. After Barr, Comparative Philology, 213. 78. The Gallican Psalter (ca. 385), based on the Vetus Latina and Origen's Hexapla, is the standard psalter of the Vulgate, but not Jerome's final effort; the "Juxta Hebraeos" (ca. 395), based on the MT, never received full acceptance. 79. Barr, Comparative Philology, 217; cf. Rabin, "Hebrew," 306. The apparent preservation of much apparently unrecoverable information must be handled with caution.

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