An Index to Aquila: Greek-Hebrew, Hebrew-Greek, by Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

By Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

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1Π Iud. xv 6 οι λ'. Γαμούλ VlfcJ Ier. xxxi (xlviii) 23. γ α ν ω ν τ α ^ΪΝ Am. vii f γάνωσις ^ 7. Am. ) s. στίλβωσις 1 yap* ? ) Gen. xxvi 20 xlvii 22 Pr. viii 35 [α']σ'θ' Is. xv 9 [α']σ'θ' xxxvi 21 [α']σ'θ' liv 4 ·χ· [α']σ'θ' lxiv 7 (6) [α']σ'θ' lxv 17 [α']σ'θ' ; Ί Is. xxxvii 9 [α']σ'θ' ; om. 9# Ru. i 21 *· ε γ ώ γάρ *W. γαστήρ Deut. vii 13 Iud. xiii 5 Ps. xvi (xvii) 14 α'σ' (plur. ) lob xx 15 οι λ' Os. ix 11 [εν γ α σ τ ρ ί ] συλλαμβάνειν ΠΊΠ Is. vii 14 έν γαστρί έ'χειν V)S7 γαυρίαμα Ps.

Xlvii 6 α'σ'θ'. Γετθΐτις RRFI? Ps. viii 1 α'θ'. γεΰμα Num. xi 8 α'σ' syr bis. Ps. xxxiii (xxxiv) 1 α'ε' cxviii (cxix) 66 α'ε'. γεωργός Ioel i 11 Is. lxi 5 α'θ'. γη Ή·£ Number of occurrences : Gen. 15 Exod. 2 Lev. 1 Num. 1 Deut. 5 Ios. 3 Regn. 5 Ps. 20 Pr. 2 lob 4 Os. 1 Am. 1 Hab. 1 Zach. 1 Is. 36 Ier. 40 Thr. 1 Ez. 13 γης έντέρω Ps. lvii (lviii) 9 γέαι filing Lev. xxvi 39 α'σ'θ' Is. xxxvii 11 Ier. xxiii 3 syr. xxxiv 5 (xxvii 6) α'σ' xxxv (xxviii) 8 syr. xxxix (xxxii) 37 α'σ' xlvii (xl) 11 (γενεαις 86 ; γεαις ZIEGLER) EZ.

Et arab. smt). 'Αχαάβ^ΠΚ Regn. I l l xxii 50. Ά χ ά ζ ΤΠΚ Regn. IV xvi 11 α'σ' Is. xiv 28 OL γ' xxxviii 8. Άχειά ΓΤΠ$ Regn. Ill xiv 2 4 ; W n t f Regn. I l l xiv 5 6 18. Άχεικάμ DfJTjg Ier. xlviii (xli) 18 α'σ'θ' (Swete). ΆχεLμέλεχ η ^ ρ Π Κ Regn. I xxi 1 (2) α'σ'θ'. Vs Ez. xii 7. ) Da. ii 35 ; T » S Mich, iv 12 α'σ'. άχρηστον εϊvαL Π^Β Ier. xiii 7 syr. άχυρον plur. lob xli 19 α'θ' Is. xxv 10 α'σ'. Ά χ ώ ρ "1^? Ios. vii 26 α'σ'θ'. f άψί^Ηον TilVib Pr. ν 4 Ier. xxiii 15 syr. Thr. iii 19 syr. GREEK-HEBREW INDEX 39 άψίνθιον tihn Ier.

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