An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog & by Arlene Coulson

By Arlene Coulson

A very good simple wisdom of radiological anatomy is vital for either the specialising and non-specialising veterinary audience.This complete and normal perform oriented reference publication which gives particular radiographic counsel at the common medical anatomy of the puppy and cat. as well as a number of projections of simple and distinction reviews, this atlas contains particular observations of the traditional diversity of adaptations obvious within the juvenile animal, changes among breeds and outlines of the variety of anatomical adaptations generally encountered in veterinary perform. The scientific software of the e-book has been drastically superior via line drawings reminiscent of the proper radiographs and schematic drawings of these buildings no longer usually noticeable in undeniable films.The authors, either with vast educating event in postgraduate veterinary radiology, describe tactics and strategies generally on hand typically veterinary perform. Monitored for anatomical accuracy all through, this atlas offers a unmarried quantity reference for the overall practitioner, undergraduate or postgraduate veterinary medical professional.

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Fractures of the 2nd. and 7th. proximal sesamoid bones are well recognised in racing Greyhounds. Diagnosis of lameness due to proximal sesamoid bone abnormality, be it multipartite with degenerative changes or fractures, must be made with great caution. It is generally accepted that the multipartite condition is a normal variant of ossification and not clinically significant. In addition, even in fractures with racing Greyhounds it has been shown to be unassociated with lameness. Multipartite sesamoid bones can also be seen in the stifle joint.

1(b) Capitulum. Lateral aspect. 2 Medial epicondyle 3 Lateral epicondyle 4 Supratrochlear foramen B Radius 5 Head 6 Growth plate scars 7 Medial styloid process C Ulna 8 Olecranon 9 Medial coronoid process 10 Lateral coronoid process 11 Lateral cortical margin 12 Lateral styloid process D Radial carpal bone E Ulnar carpal bone F Accessory carpal bone An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and Cat 21 Dog – Forelimb 1 B A 3 2 5 6 4 7 E C F H D J I G O L M N K P Q Figure 45 Dorsopalmar projection of carpus.

3 M Metacarpal bones P1 Digit 1 P2 Digit 2 P3 Digit 3 P4 Digit 4 P5 Digit 5 Bones of digits 1 Proximal phalanx 2 Middle phalanx 2(a) Base 2(b) Body 2(c) Head Distal phalanx 3(a) Flexor tubercle 3(b) Solar foramen 3(c) Ungual crest 3(d) Ungual sulcus 3(e) Ungual process S1 Dorsal sesamoid bone. These are present in dorsal aspect of metacarpophalangeal joint capsules 2 to 5. S2 Proximal sesamoid bone. interossei at palmar aspect of metacarpophalangeal joints 2 to 5. flexor pollicis brevis. An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and Cat 31 Dog – Forelimb Figure 65 Mediolateral projection of shoulder joint.

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