AIX 5L Basics. Instructor Guide

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Operating Systems: A Spiral Approach

Elmasri, Levine, and Carrick's "spiral approach" to educating working structures develops pupil figuring out of varied OS parts early on and is helping scholars procedure the tougher facets of working structures with self assurance. whereas working structures have replaced dramatically through the years, such a lot OS books use a linear method that covers each one person OS part intensive, that is tricky for college students to stick with and calls for teachers to continuously positioned fabrics in context.

Operating Systems: Principles and Practice

During the last twenty years, there was an enormous quantity of innovation in either the rules and perform of working platforms Over a similar interval, the middle principles in a contemporary working method - safeguard, concurrency, virtualization, source allocation, and trustworthy garage - became broadly utilized all through desktop technological know-how.

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Kernel Correct Answer: a 3. Which editor is available across most UNIX platforms? Correct Answer: vi 4. Write down the names of two AIX graphical user interfaces: Correct Answer: a) AIXwindows b) Common Desktop Environment (CDE) 5. True of false: AIX only supports file systems on hard disks. Correct Answer: False. AIX supports disk file systems, CD-ROM fie systems, and network file systems © Copyright IBM Corp. 1995, 2001 Unit 1. Introduction to AIX Course materials may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written permission of IBM.

BBBBBB ,QWHUIDFH WR KDUGZDUH 6BBBBB 8VHU V LQWHUIDFH )BBB 6BBBBBB $FFHVV WR GDWD Figure 1-5. 0 Notes: It is very important that you be able to identify the most important components of an operating system. This visual introduces these components, but as you notice, the foil is not complete. Take some time and try to fill in the missing words. 1-10 AIX 5L Basics © Copyright IBM Corp. 1995, 2001 Course materials may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written permission of IBM.

1 BKM2MIF Instructor Guide Instructor Notes: Purpose — To illustrate how the date and the cal commands can be executed. Details — date: Set globally by the system administrator and can be customized in a number of different formats. The command by default requires no options. cal: Syntax of the command: cal [month] [year] where month and year are optional fields. Also point out that if only one number is specified then it will be treated as the year. If no arguments are entered, the current month will be displayed.

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