Agricultural Uses of Antibiotics by William A. Moats (Eds.)

By William A. Moats (Eds.)

content material: Antibiotics use in agriculture : an outline / Richard H. Gustafson --
healing use of antibiotics in cattle / G. Ziv --
Antibiotics in therapy of mastitis / W.D. Schultze --
Antibiotics in beekeeping / Robert J. Argauer --
Antibiotics as crop protectants / Arun okay. Misra --
developments within the use of fermentation items in agriculture / R.W. Burg --
merits and dangers of antibiotics use in agriculture / Virgil W. Hays --
importance of antibiotics in meals and feeds / Khem M. Shahani and Paul J. Whalen --
hazards to human future health from using antibiotics in animal feeds / Philip J. Frappaolo --
results of low degrees of antibiotics in farm animals feeds / Thomas H. Jukes --
Antibiotic residues in nutrition : regulatory points / Robert C. Livingston --
The U.S. division of Agriculture meat and bird antibiotic residue trying out application / Bernard Schwab and Jeffrey Brown --
Microbiological assay approaches for antibiotic residues / Stanley E. Katz --
Physicochemical tools for selecting antibiotic residues in meals / William A. Moats --
Pharmacokinetics and residues of sulfadimidine and its N⁴-acetyl and hydroxy metabolites in food-producing animals / J.F.M. Nouws, T.B. Vree, R. Aerts, and J. Grondel.

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Agricultural Uses of Antibiotics

Content material: Antibiotics use in agriculture : an summary / Richard H. Gustafson -- healing use of antibiotics in livestock / G. Ziv -- Antibiotics in therapy of mastitis / W. D. Schultze -- Antibiotics in beekeeping / Robert J. Argauer -- Antibiotics as crop protectants / Arun okay. Misra -- traits within the use of fermentation items in agriculture / R.

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In 30 commercial dairy herds (27) 53% of IMI caused by staphylococci persisted u n t i l the end of the year of study. Only 15% were eliminated by l a c tational therapy of c l i n i c a l mastitis, 10% were eliminated by c u l l i n g of the cows and 20% recovered spontaneously. Therapeutic f a i l u r e was not the major problem. When a l l pathogens are considered, 70% of the IMI treated were eliminated. However, only about 40% of e x i s t i n g IMI were detected during the year as c l i n i c a l mastitis.

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