ACM transactions on software engineering and methodology by Jonathan E. Cook and Alexander L. Wolf on software process

By Jonathan E. Cook and Alexander L. Wolf on software process validation, Premkumar T. Devanbu on GENOA Peter J. McCann and G-C Roman on modeling mobile IP in Mobile UNITY

Significant reports via best foreign desktop scientists and software program engineers.

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14, No. 2, April 2005. 166 • J. Berstel et al. GARGANTINI, A. AND HEITMEYER, C. 1999. Using model checking to generate tests from requirements specifications. In Proceedings of the Joint 7th European Software Engineering Conference and 7th ACM SIGSOFT Information Symposium on Foundations of Software Eng. ). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1687, SpringerVerlag, New York, 146–162. , AND LAUFER, K. 2000. Automated systematic testing for constraint-based interactive services. ). 40–49. GRAY, W.

The work of Patern`o [1995] does not propose an executable version of the specification. This is not the case of d’Ausbourg et al. [1996], but the expressive power of the resulting specification appears to be poor (only the Boolean data type is available for communication) and no code generation support is provided. Campos and Harrison [2001] propose to introduce verification with SMV at the early stages of the specification. As in Patern`o [1995], they use interactors to structure their specification but they limit the specification to the parts of the system required by the property to be verified.

2, April 2005. 164 • J. Berstel et al. or to be reused from existing libraries. A VEG grammar specifies the names of the semantic variables and of the functions, and their functional dependencies. All symbols can be associated with (left or right) semantic variables: nonterminals, input events, visible and semantic actions, semantic predicates, communication events. The following restrictions are however imposed, to make computation of variables realistic: — The domain (or class) of a semantic variable is the same for all symbols carrying that variable.

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