Acid-Base Catalysis II: Proceedings of the International by Hideshi Hattori, Makoto Misono, Yoshio Ono

By Hideshi Hattori, Makoto Misono, Yoshio Ono

Good acid catalysts are already getting used in numerous methods in petroleum refining and are almost immediately being studied intensively in either educational and utilized fields for utilization in various reactions. strong base catalysts also are gaining expanding reputation as power catalysts. either acidic and easy catalysts are promising not just with admire to acid and base-catalysed reactions but in addition in fabrics sciences, resembling the construction of adsorbents, sensors, ceramics, and so on. the current quantity comprises the textual content of 21 invited oral shows and fifty eight poster displays. the fabric covers quite a lot of points on acid-base catalysis, from quantum chemistry to industrialised strategies.

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The catalytic activity of HPA correlates with their acid strength and exceeds by a factor of >lo0 the activity of H2S04 [41]. Trans-de-alkylation of 2,6-di-tert-butyl-phenols in the presence of €PA hasbeenstudied indetail[42,43]. Thisreaction iswidelyused insynthetic organic chemistry as a method providing positional protection in the regioselective functionalization of phenols. V. KOZHEVNIKOV OH '@ +' OH 2ArH-b R 00 + 2ArBut R where R = H, Me, Et, CH3CH2COMe,CH3CH2COOMe, CH3CH2CH20COMe,C H ~ C H Z C H ~ C ~ , CH3CH2CH20COC17H35 [42].

The d i s s o c i a t i o n c o n s t a n t s o f HPA were measured i n s u c h s o l v e n t s a s H 2 0 [ 131 , M e 2 C 0 , E t O H , AcOH [ 1 4 ] , t h e Hammett a c i d i t y f u n c t i o n i n H 2 0 and H20-AcOH, H20-dioxane, H20-EtOH and H20-Me2C0 mixtures [ 1 5 ] . S o l i d HPA posess purely Bronsted a c i d i t y and a r e s t r o n g e r t h a n such conventional a c i d c a t a l y s t s a s Si02-A1203, H3P04/Si02, HX and Hy z e o l i t e s [16]. g. chemical t i t r a t i o n with i n d i c a t o r s [ 1 7 ] , d i f f u s i o n [ H I , conductivity [19], ion exchange [ 2 0 ] , thermal desorption of bases [16], I R spectroscopy [16, 21, 221, NMR 'H [23], NMR 'H (MAS) [24, 251, ESCA [26], etc.

5PW12040 (wt ratio) 2O40 I I 200 300 d/i Fig. 2 Surface area of silica-bound Fig. 5PW12040 Table 6. b) Specific rate/min-' g-cat-'. c) Specific rate per unit weight of CS~~,H~,~PW,~O, included/min-' g-'. d) Turnover frequency/min-'. e) Catalyst 160 mg. g) Prepared by hydrolysis of ethyl orthosilicate. h) Dried at 100 "C. 8 Y. IZUMl and K. URABE for the other composites prepared from alumina sol, titania sol, and zirconia sol as matrix materials. The silica-encapsulated C S ~ . ~PW HO , ,~ found through the present study may be preferable as an insoluble solid a c d catalyst particularly to the reactions conducted at relatively higher temperatures in highly polar liquid media such as esterification, hydrolysis, and hydration reactions.

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