A Study of the Interpretation of Noah and the Flood in by Lewis

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5:24. Cf. rabbinic debate over whether the planets functioned during the deluge, R. 3 4 . 1 1 ; 2 5 . 2 ; Philo has a cloud cover heaven (Abr. 43). NOAH IN THE APOCRYPHA AND PSEUDEPIGRAPHA 27 The final account for I Enoch is in ch. 106 which begins with the birth of Noah. A t birth Noah's body was white as snow and red as a blooming rose, his hair was white as wool, and his eyes beautiful, the opening of which made the whole house lighten up like the sun. He arose in the hands of the midwife and conversed with the Lord of righteousness.

Marcus, Philo, " Q G . " (Loeb Series), p. ix. ) H. A . Wolfson, Philo (Cambridge: Harvard U. Press, 1948), I, 1 2 6 - 1 2 7 . Philo compares the t w o meanings to body and soul, both of which need attention, Mig. 89-94. , QG. ii. ,QG. ii. 36, 3 7 ; Det. 1 6 7 . Philo suggests that the story of the creation of woman (Gen. 2 : 2 1 ) is a myth, LA. ii. 1 9 . ) QG. ii. 67. 9 2 8 4 6 6 7 43 PHILO OF ALEXANDRIA is merely quoted with no literal explanation attempted. To make anything like a complete flood story, these episodes must be included in the literal.

The rejection of Phrygia in favor of Parthia by Julius Africanus, Chron. 4 (PG. 1 0 . 68); for a location in Armenia, see Josephus, Ant. i. 3. 5-6. ) In another fragmentary passage, Noah is alluded to as the sole fugitive, Or. Sib. vii. 1 0 . 3 4 5 6 34 NOAH IN THE APOCRYPHA AND PSEUDEPIGRAPHA 1 water 202 days. ) The sixth race of men, which was a golden period, began. Later when wickedness again became rampant, another flood would have destroyed the Titans, had not Saboath promised not again to bring a deluge on malevolent mankind (Or.

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