A Second Genesis: Stepping-stones Towards the by Julian Chela-Flores

By Julian Chela-Flores

A moment Genesis enquires why nature is intelligible. the short progress of expertise and deeper knowing of the arts have supplied major clues. Answering the query why nature could be understood calls for an creation to the recent technological know-how of astrobiology and the exploration of the sun process. A cautious dialogue of a "second Genesis" is awarded, particularly our current information that lifestyles could have emerged on different worlds. penning this quantity has been prompted through the necessity to inspire a confident discussion among technological know-how and religion. Such an goal for a brand new publication is well timed, considering the fact that technological know-how is inserted with well-defined frontiers within the context of human tradition. equally, the frontiers of religion don't require faith to justify itself in clinical phrases, fending off present pointless controversies.

This booklet intends to have interaction readers drawn to the location of people in nature. It makes a significant attempt to prevent challenging specific wisdom of technological know-how, philosophy, or theology, yet would require a few cautious studying and meditation.

Contents: An built-in learn of Western Civilization; From a primary to a moment Genesis; Implications of a moment Genesis; The future of the Universe; The future of existence within the Universe; in the direction of the Intelligibility of Nature; in the direction of the Intelligibility of lifestyles; Is lifestyles Ubiquitous within the Universe? trying out the Universality of Biology; The Emergence of Intelligence within the Universe; Intelligibility within the discussion among technological know-how and faith; The final Frontier of technology and the arts; Can Nature be Intelligible?.

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We wish to put in evidence changes that the current view of astrobiology brings onto different aspects of culture, namely, literature, art, theology, philosophy and science. We begin our work by recalling how culture itself emerged gradually in a series of steps. 7 The evolution of culture The earliest records of cultural activity in humans correspond to works of art. The Magdalenian “culture” left some fine works of primitive art. This group of human beings flourished from about 20,000 to 11,000 years before the present (yr BP).

However, man’s spirit and soul are concepts that are relevant to moral philosophy (ethics). It may be argued that ethics and other branches of human knowledge should be integrated. The integration of biology and ethics seems particularly relevant to the dialogue of science and religion20,21. 36 A Second Genesis Efforts towards such integration will undoubtedly help a coherent discussion of the evolution of the attributes of man. Such inquiries should include specific attributes of man that are most relevant from the point of view of theology.

The search for extraterrestrial life was attempted for the first time on the surface of Mars a quarter of a century ago. The Viking missions were capable of detecting microbial life. Sadly, the results were not convincing to most scientists. The search still continues today with Mars being the present target of several space missions from NASA, ESA and Japan. Yet given the harsh conditions for the Implications of a Second Genesis 33 survival of extremophilic microorganisms on the Red Planet, the best digging equipment with present technology is still unable to probe as far as the more likely sites, deep underground, where we expect abundant liquid water to be present.

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