A Handbook of Comparative Tai by Fang Kuei Li

By Fang Kuei Li

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Just as Wolfram's kinship structures and the corresponding terminology form a continuum which extends upwards to the Divine, so here the tenuously human Malcreatiure and his sister Cundrie are in turn explicitly related to the seemingly inert, but in reality potent, world of the inanimate. Yet nowhere in Wolfram's poems is mac demonstrably used to denote human relationships other than those of blood; whatever the possibilities for metaphorical extension of mac, the affinal relatives stand apart.

G. 268,1). Overall there is no basis for assuming a lexical shift or extension to 'kinsman' in Wolfram's works. 9 That the term sippe was not invariably thus restricted is suggested by W . : si ware η im [Terr&mer] sippe [gesipp 7 ] al getiefte, | Willelm der lobes riche \ und Tybalt, Arabeln man (the relationship being in each case that of son-in-law). Also relevant, on the other hand, is the speech of Bernart von Brubant (W. ): die andern sibene, ir ieslich | von arde mine mage sint; | der ahte ist für war min hint — which, if it is not simply pleonastic, suggests that mäcschaft was already becoming a more nebulous concept, extending beyond the art and therefore requiring more precise definition in line 15.

2, below. 8 Gandiluz is described, together with the other pages, as Gawan's m&c (P. 430,6; cf. also 432,27), but it would be rash to suppose that Wolfram is here thinking of the very distant link which passes from Gawan to Gandiluz via Parzival, Condwiramurs and Gurnemanz, still less of the textually somewhat insecure link through Gandin, Schoette and Mahaude, which can be deduced only from Titurel. In P. 430 and 432, Wolfram may equally well have had in mind some closer, unstated relationship between Gawan and Gandiluz.

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