A Grammar of Lavukaleve by Angela Terrill

By Angela Terrill

Lavukaleve is a Papuan Language spoken at the Russell Islands within the relevant Province of the Solomon Islands. The phonology and morpho-phonology of Lavukaleve are defined, in addition to arguments adjuncts, the Lavukaleve predicate constitution (including predicate kinds and center player marking, the contract suffix, concentration structures, stressful, element and temper, word-level derivation, advanced predicates), interclausal syntax, and the Lavukaleve discourse business enterprise. The e-book encompasses a record of affixes, an inventory of lexemes, and an appendix with Lavukaleve texts. the knowledge utilized in this paintings used to be amassed via the writer in the course of 5 box journeys.

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There are also Papuan languages in the islands off New Guinea, including New Britain, New Ireland, reaching as far west as Timor and Alor, and as far east as the Solomon Islands. 1 Linguistic picture of the Solomon Islands Most of the languages of the Solomon Islands are Austronesian: there are around 63 Austronesian languages in the Solomon Islands (Tryon and Hackman 1983), and a handful of non-Austronesian, or Papuan languages. g. Lincoln [1978]; Wurm [1978]; and Wurm [1982] for an overview).

There are three separate paradigms of focus markers, which differ in terms of the sentence type with which they occur. One is used only in polar questions; one in content questions and environments expressing particular kinds of emphasis; the third is used elsewhere. 226 Download Date | 7/22/12 1:48 PM 16 Chapter 1 - Introduction among other things, a system of alliterative discord, a type of agreement system in which the form of a deictic in a focus construction requires the form of the focus marker to disagree with it in its initial consonant.

Stress patterns in morphologically complex words will be described after this. 1 Stress in mono-morphemic words • Most words have stress on the initial syllable. In particular almost all CVCV words (including all CVCV nouns) are stressed on the initial syllable. ), in which the first CV is identical to the second CV, invariably receive stress on the second syllable: tu 'tuk va'var le'lenga 'torso' 'talk' 'pudding' These words are considered old reduplications because of their initial syllable; the unreduplicated part is not synchronically analysable.

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