A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish by Yeşim Aksan, Mustafa Aksan, Ümit Mersinli, Umut Ufuk

By Yeşim Aksan, Mustafa Aksan, Ümit Mersinli, Umut Ufuk Demirhan

A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish permits scholars of all degrees to construct on their examine of Turkish in an effective and interesting method.

Based on a 50 million be aware corpus, A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish presents an inventory of center vocabulary for rookies of Turkish as a moment or overseas language. It supplies the main up-to-date, trustworthy frequency directions for universal vocabulary in spoken and written Turkish. all the 5000 entries are supported by way of exact info together with the English an identical, an illustrative instance with English translation and utilization statistics.

The Dictionary provides a wealthy source for language instructing and curriculum layout, whereas a separate CD model offers the total textual content in a tab-delimited structure preferrred to be used by way of corpus and computational linguists.

With entries prepared through frequency, via suffixation and alphabetically, A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish enables scholars of all degrees to get the main out in their examine of vocabulary in a fascinating and effective way.

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The real functioning part has been coiled into the shape of a semicircle. 90 28 A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish 398 ahk n love • Ne yaptımsa ahk için. — Everything I did is for love. 88 399 önem n importance • Danimarka halkı çevrecilije çok önem veriyor. — Danish people attach much importance to the environment. 90 400 hafta n week • Deney üç hafta devam etti. — The experiment lasted three weeks. 91 401 köy n village • Köy, ekolojik tarımın uygulanacajı arazide aranan kohullara uygundur. — The village is appropriate for the conditions required for ecological farming.

89 320 kültür n culture • Kültür; yayılmada, iletimde sınır tanımamaktadır. — Culture knows no boundaries in spread and in communication. 87 321 tart v to weigh • Sanki birbirimizi tartıyor gibiydik. — As if we were weighing each other up. 93 330 düzey n level, rank • Öjrenciler temel düzey kavramları öjrenebilirler. — The students may learn basic level concepts. 85 331 can n soul; life • Saldırıda, herhangi bir can kaybı olmadı. — There was no loss of life in the attack. 89 332 asker n soldier • Son yıllarda pek çok genç asker intihar ediyor.

We do not tend to exaggerate things we have done. 95 519 rol n role • Türkiye kendisine uluslararası sahnede nasıl bir rol biçmeli? — What role should Turkey define for itself in the international arena? 91 520 yarı n half, semi • Böyle bir anda daj bile yarı sise, yarı ıhıja bulanmıh durumdadır. — At a moment like this, even a mountain is covered with half-fog and half-light. 92 521 kon v to put; to land • glkokullara program dıhı olmak üzere din dersleri kondu. — An extracurricular course of religion is put into the primary school syllabus.

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