A Diff. Kind of War - US Army in Op. Enduring Freedom by D. Wright, et. al.,

By D. Wright, et. al.,

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Still, during this period at least some guerrilla factions formed temporary alliances with the government. More than anything else, the reconciliation drive bought time to orchestrate the Soviet withdrawal and permitted the Afghan regime to reorganize itself to meet the problems it would face alone following the Soviet Army’s departure. If collapse of the Najibullah government was not a forgone conclusion when the Soviets left, it was fated to last only as long as the Soviet state, and in the end survived the demise of the Soviet 17 Afghanistan and the Tribulations of Nationhood Union by little more than 2 months.

Indeed, foreign armies have actually served as forces for political accord inside Afghanistan, although that accord was often short-lived. These elements and the other deeply embedded structures examined in this discussion would come to play a major role in OEF. American Soldiers who arrived in 2001 and early 2002 would quickly discover that the country they had entered was exceedingly complex. To achieve any amount of long-term success, these Soldiers would have to deal not only with harsh physical terrain but also with a society that was quite different from their own.

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