A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and by Marcus Jastrow

By Marcus Jastrow

A vintage and nonetheless general source, Marcus Jastrow's enormous dictionary is still particular in that it covers either the Hebrew and the Aramaic languages utilized in the literature of the rabbinic interval. This quintessential dictionary of targumic and rabbinic literature contains hundreds of thousands of entries in totally vocalized Hebrew and Aramaic, with references to the unique texts, transparent English definitions, and the complete variety of meanings and usages within the resources. it truly is prepared alphabetically by way of real shape but additionally comprises references to the basis of phrases and plentiful cross-references. entire in a single quantity, in a reader pleasant structure and web page measurement, with a strong binding and an index of scriptural quotations, it's the so much complete single-volume dictionary to be had for analyzing early Jewish texts.

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Mary took his book to hear him recite, and he tried to find his way through the fog: "Blessed are the--a--a--" "Poor"-"Yes--poor; blessed are the poor--a--a--" "In spirit--" Korean beamed: 빛나는, 방송되는, 대들보 있는, 들보가 있는. benediction: 축복, 성체 강복식, 감사의 기도, 축도, 강복식, 천복. blessed: 축복을 받은, 행복한, 복된, 신성한, 저주받은, 축복받은, 축성된, 기쁜. energies: 능력, 에너지, 정력, 활동력. fog: 안개, 안개로 덮다, 혼미, 당혹, 당황케 하다, 흐려지다, 두번째 풀, 안개가 끼다, 풀을 서서 마른 채로 내버려 두다, 선채로 마른 풀, 흐림의. 독창성, 원물임, 독창력, 기발. girded: 대비하는, 둘러 싸는, recite: 이야기하다, 암송하다, 조롱하는, 차는, 허리띠로 졸라 매는.

Korean amuse: 위안하다, 즐겁게, 즐겁게하다, 재미있게하다, 쁘게 하다, 분 전환을 하다, 즐겁게 하다. beetle: 돌출한, 딱정벌레, 갑충, 돌출하다, 큰 망치, 치다, 방망이, 큰 망치-돌출하다, 상을 찌푸린, 메, 뚱한. comet: 혜성, 살별. craving: 갈망, 열망, 간원 강렬한, 갈망하는, 열망하는. facetious: 우스운, 익살맞은, 농담의, 허튼소리의. halting: 불완전한, 절름발이의, 앞뒤가 맞지 않는, 더듬거리는, 절뚝거리는, 말이 막히는, 말을 더듬는. lame: 절름발이의, 절름발이로 만들다, 불충분한, 앞뒤가 맞지 않는, 절름발이가 절룩거리다, 절름발이가 되다, 운율이 불완전한, 불완전한, 불구의, 라메. mirth: 환락, 명랑, 유쾌. parson: 교구 목사, 목사관, 검은 동물. red-faced: 얼굴이 붉은, 화가 난, 부끄러운, 당황한, 얼굴을 붉힌. standstill: 정지, 휴지, 막힘, 침체. unholy: 사악한, 신성치 않은, 무서운, 신성하지 않은, 신앙심 없는.

But she fled up-stairs, nevertheless, with Sid and Mary at her heels. And her face grew white, too, and her lip trembled. When she reached the bedside she gasped out: "You, Tom! " The old lady sank down into a chair and laughed a little, then cried a little, then did both together. This restored her and she said: "Tom, what a turn you did give me. " The groans ceased and the pain vanished from the toe. " "Your tooth, indeed! " Korean auntie: 아줌마, 미사일 요격용 미사일, 영국 방송 협회, 미사일 요격미사일. bedside: 머리맡, 침대곁, 침대곁의, 배겟머리의, 배겟머리, 침대결, 환자의 머리맡, 침대.

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