A Dictionary of Electrical Words Terms and Phrases by Edwin J. Houston

By Edwin J. Houston

Excerpt from A Dictionary of electric phrases, phrases and words, Vol. 2

Since, while both secret's relocating there's a small period of time whilst the circuit is damaged for incoming currents, the keys are commonly made on the way to shut the second one touch sooner than breaking the first.

In order to prevent annoying the stability at the creation of the resistance of the batteries at A or B, on final the circuits, an equivalent resistance is extra at r and r', among the again cease and the earth.

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Old form of Siemens-armature. The attraction or repulsion, according as the adjacent or are of the same poles are of opposite polarity A closed Armature, Single-Loop conducting circuit consisting of a single loop, capable of revolving in a magnetic field so as polarity. to cut its lines of force. Armature, Pole coils of An armature the which are wound on separate poles Armature, Spider. ] A dynamoArmature, Spherical machine armature, the coils of which are wound on a spherical iron core. electric The Thomson- Houston dynamo, which is the only machine employing an armature of this type, has its armature formed by wrapping three coils of insulated wire on a core of iron so shaped as to insure an approximately spherical armature when wrapped.

Whatever may be the exact cause of auroras, tainty to that of appearance is almost exactly reproduced by the passage of electric discharges through vacua. their A Automatic Cut-Out for Series-Connected Electro-Receptive Devices. (See Cut-Out, Automatic for Series-Connected Electro-Re, ceptive Devices} Automatic Drop. Aurora Polaris. general term sometimes applied to aurora in the neighborhood of either pole, or in either the northern or matic} the southern hemisphere. er, Auroral Arch. ) Auroral Bands.

Aurora Borealis. The Northern Light. Luminous sheets, columns, arches, or pillars of pale, flashing light, generally of a red color, seen in the northern heavens. The auroral light assumes a great variety of appearances, to which the terms auroral arch, bands, cor once, curtains and streamers are applied. The exact cause of the aurora is not as yet would appear, however, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the auroral flashes are due known. It to the passage of electrical discharges through the upper, and therefore rarer, regions of the atmosphere.

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