A comprehensive Persian-English dictionary,: Including the by F. Steingass

By F. Steingass

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Fire. pj] drzu-sanj, Desirous, longing for. drzu-shikast, The breach of a fci^ji drdina, A kind of gruel or pottage. resolution, change of mind, A JU^ arzdl (pi. of razl), Tile, ignoble ; drzu-ehikan, Breaking a resoluthe vulgar, the rabble;—irzdl (v,n. 4 of tion, preventing the execution of any Ji>), Despising, treating with scorn; assodesign. ciating with the base. jyjl drzu-kada, drzu-gah, &S A arzal, Mean, base; more or most drzu-gah, A place where everything wished mean, base, ignoble or vile ;—arzalu 7lor is at hand.

A s-"-^ irdabb, An Egyptian measure equal to '24 VjOjlf drd-ba, A kind of pottage or gruel. ard-bukhrak, A confection of mountain almonds. ardabur, A beautiful green colour. ard-bez, ard~bex, A sieve, boulter. ardabil, Name of a city in Media. a J d r d ' t i i l a , Pottage, stir-about, gruel. ardij, Juniper, vf ardij-db, Gin. a ardajdn, Certain figures and mysteries in astrology. alUjjf drdahala, A kind of milk-pottage. aJ^jj^ ard-dula, Gruel; a fine green colour. fc^JU rf drd-raughan, A kind of sweetmeat (see ard u raughan, under ajjjj^ drd-zada, A sieve ; a fine green colour.

Ar'ad, Thunder-struck. A A ar'an, Foolish, ignorant; lax, flabby, weak, languid. n. 9 of ysj), Abstaining (from evil) ; repenting. drugh, A belch, ructation;—urgA, Hot and bitter (walnut or almond). ^ arghd, arghdb, A river. arghdj, arghdch, Yarn; the weft. SJU^ drgAdda, Name of a river, j l i j l urghdf, A stream of water. ^ U j t argkdil, Argali, the wild sheep of Siberia and Central Asia (see j ^ ) . n. 4 of Rubbing (a man's nose) in the dirt; lowering, debasing. Q arghamun, A. web in the eye, which in the extreme parts of the iris looks red, in the interior white.

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