3 Commando Brigade by Ewen Southby-Tailyour

By Ewen Southby-Tailyour

'The three Commando Brigade's six month deployment in Helmand Province was once among the best items of soldiering i've got come across' common Sir Richard Dannett, leader of basic Staff

In October 2006, the Royal Marine Commandos took up their six month journey of responsibility in war-torn Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan - the hardest and most well liked warfare quarter on the earth. After the tactical retreat in their predecessors, the Paras, the Marines knew they might need to take a special method of have any probability of luck. so that they took the warfare to the enemy. Roving and competitive, the Commandos compelled the rebel Taliban directly to the again foot. for that reason, they have been excited by day-by-day hearth fights of an depth now not encountered by way of British troops due to the fact that North Korea.

3 Commando Brigade is an exhilarating first-hand account of that dogged, heroic pursuit of the Taliban by way of the normal Marines, sailors and squaddies accountable. it's a tale of valour, fortitude, splendid actual and psychological health, and unrivalled professionalism below the main checking out of conditions. The account explodes from the 1st web page with Operation Glacier, a picture, no-holds-barred account of a Commando assault on a key Taliban base south of Garmsir - a conflict that ends with the dramatic restoration of a Corporal's physique from along the citadel by means of Apache helicopters. From this starting salvo the motion by no means shall we up, delivering a startlingly sincere account of the battle in Afghanistan as instructed via the junior officials, corporals and marines at the floor.

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